Local casinos in Brussels

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Are you looking for information on local casinos in Brussels?
Welcome to this guide to local casinos in Brussels. Brussels is the capital of Belgium, the centre of power of the European Union, and is generally packed to capacity with diplomats, bureaucrats and foreign tourists.
You would think that Brussels is a great place for gambling. But there are far too many restrictions on gambling in Belgium and Brussels has only one – just one – land-based casino.
Before we tell you more about this local casino in Brussels, here’s a warning. Belgium requires all casinos or gambling venues to check the identity of the visitors very closely. Unlike in most other countries where the minimum age to enter a casino or participating in a gambling activity is 18 years, in Belgium it is 21 years.
You will be asked for your passport or any government approved ID to check your age and verify your identity. You will have your photographs and biometrics taken and the data will be fed to a large government database.
As for the casinos in Brussels, there used to be two of them. But the biggest casino in Brussels, the Grand Casino Brussels was shut down recently. They were unable to make much money in a highly regulated environment and were forced to close down because of the sustained unprofitability of their business model.
The only casino that survives in Brussels is Viage Casino. We will review this casino in detail next, but you should know that there are a number of small playhalls all across Brussels where you will find electronic slot machines. You can gamble a small amount of money here, but these are certainly not for serious players.

Viage Casino

The Viage Casino is the only local casino in Brussels. It is a large casino located in the northern part of the city which is known for its busy nightlife. You will also find the European Union headquarters not far from the site of the casino. It is about a 15-minute walk from Gare du Nord and very close to the Hotel Plaza on Adolphe Max.
The Viage Casino is very strict about checking the identity of visitors. Only those aged 21 and above are allowed entrance. You will be issued a membership card which you can use for cashing out your winnings at the casino.
There are as many as 400 slot machines here. There are the classical table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. The casino stays open from 12 pm to 4 am. There is a sports bar on the second floor of the casino.