Must sees in Brussels

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Brussels is known for a lot of things and this type of versatility also extends to all the attractions in the city. Parks, peeing statues and hills that have cultural missions are all available in Brussels. Here are some of the most important things you will see when you visit Brussels:


Grand-Place is located in the middle of a town hall, 40 guild houses and the Maison du Roi. It reveals its splendour only when you head up through one of the cobbled alleyways. It is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites because of the cool, homogenous look. Visiting this iconic part of Brussels is like going back in time. Once every couple of years, the cobblestones here form a flower carpet which is a sight to behold in itself.

Victor Horta’s Town Houses

Brussels has a lot of Art Nouveau architecture as well as a number of shining examples from the pre-war movement but this has got to be among the best. The Hotel Solvay, Tassel, van Eetvelde, etc. clearly show how good their architect was when it came to elegant curves, spacious floor plans and decorative iron work.

Galleries Royales Saint-Hubert

By the 1920’s, Art Nouveau was replaced by Art Deco, a streamlined and beautiful type of art. Again, it was Belgium who became the first to plop down this daring new art form in its architecture. Michel Polak’s Villa Empain with its rich materials and severe symmetry is one of the masterpieces of this movement. With the help of the Boghossian Foundation, the sprawling mansion stays open to the public and also has a culture center which helps create dialogue between the East and West.


This is the newest scion of the museum family in Brussels since April 2016. It is determined to haul “culture 2.0” into the limelight at any cost. It is located inside the Bellevue breweries and overlooks the canal. It showcases everything from digital art to graffiti.

Mont des Arts

This place translates to the Mountain of Arts in English. It is on a hillside close to the Central station of Brussels and is a prominent part of the Leopold II legacy. This builder king dreamed of these sophisticated cultural nucleus outside the windows of his Royal Palace This is why this beautiful, slope-garden was formed. There are a number of cultural temples and prestigious museums in this area too. You could easily spend an entire day here without getting bored.