The best wine bars in Brussels

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Brussels is a city that centers around beer but if you look a little deeper you can find some nice wine bars too. It is pretty close to the champagne region and is only a train ride away from Paris. So there’s no reason why you can’t find some terrific wine here too. Here are some of the best wine bars in Brussels:

Oeno TK

This is a true representation of Brussels with a huge selection of wine from around the world. It is located near the Church of Trinity which is among the most beautiful buildings in the city. This wine bar is set up in a modern way and has an attractive atmosphere. You might even get lucky enough to find some of the fine wines the owner recommends from some places like the Loire. Just make sure you do not miss out on the unusual choices like the Portuguese wine or Moldovan red wine.

Wine Studio 126

Have you ever thought that Feng Shui might go together with wine? For Massimo Coletti, this is a natural combination. They’ve designed their shop in this way. He has focused on a great selection of French and Italian wines which are considered good for men and nature. The wine shop is in Ies Marolles and has a number of stylish design objects in its interior. Coletti also has some rare orange wine for guests to enjoy.

Mer du Nord

This is a true institution of Brussels. It focuses largely on the broad and beautiful palette of French white wine and also offers some of the best seafood you’ll ever find on the North Sea from white fish to oysters. Enjoying some oysters and champagne here is exactly what Brussels is all about.

La Piola Libri

This is very close to the headquarters of Europe and evokes an atmosphere like Place de Luxembourg. But, this bar is completely down to earth and presents all of the Italian charm you could hope to find around the Alps. The prices are quite fair and you can spend hours here without knowing where the time went.

Le Petit Canon

This is a bar located in the student area and is a hot spot for the younger crowd. It has some affordable prices and a great atmosphere which leans towards carefree and youthful. Their wine selection is just another story of how you can get so many different fine Italian and French wines. If you are interested in white wine, they have terrific vintages to offer from the Loire as well as other French classics. These are wines you are going to have a tough time finding outside France. Unless you are here of course.