Top Restaurants in Brussels

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Brussels has some picturesque squares and historic avenues as well as some great dining spots. It is the heart of Europe and takes complete advantage of its status and location. There are a plethora of signature dishes and cuisines for you to choose from here. Here are some of the top restaurants in Brussels for you to choose from:


This is an Ethiopian restaurant which is as beautiful as it’s exotic. It has a terrific interior which has been designed by Serge Anton. One of the best things though has got to be the weekend concerts here by local artists. You can enjoy some of the amazing injera here along with fried meats while enjoying soft sounds from the stage. You absolutely must try out the Addis Flower cocktail before you go.

La Quincaillerie

It is named after the place it is located in and is a great example of the Art Deco architecture. There are multiple elements of brass which are coupled with some heavy accents in order to make an ambience of the times which have gone by. The food is very similar in terms of approach where it combines contemporary elegance with tradition. You can start off your meal at the oyster bar and then move to French-inspired classics with some ingredients which are sourced from local producers and the farm of the restaurant. It’s a terrific place to have dinner after spending an afternoon at the Victor Horta Museum.

Fin de Siecle

This is considered to be one of the best places to dine if you want to enjoy some authentic food in Brussels. It offers some heavy flavours of Belgian cuisine like the classic stoemp and sausage with a thick sauce. There are numerous other delicacies for you to enjoy while you’re here. The setting is pretty basic but that doesn’t stop it from quickly becoming a favourite with the guests who can’t help but come back for some more. Just make sure you’re there early enough as the restaurant doesn’t take bookings and there could be quite a queue depending on what time of day it is.